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A Prayer for Families Separated at the Border

Delivered by Gretchen at the Prayer Vigil on July 2nd at Newton City Hall

Let us pray.

Gracious Creator of all that is, who sleeps in the stones and dreams in the stars

whose breath in-spires every human life and whose light overcomes every darkness.

Let us end the reign of tyranny on our border

that thrives under the ludicrous assertion that we in this land of plenty do not have enough to welcome our neighbors who are desperately seeking sanctuary.

Let us end the reign of arrogance in our immigration policy

that thrives in the name of laws that existentially conflict with the founding values of our immigrant nation.

Let us end the reign of denigration that separates families and destroys lives

in the name of our one nation under God, which we hold to be indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

O God,

Bless us this 4th of July with a remembrance of our heritage.

Bless us with tears for a nation that has forgotten its immigrant roots.

Bless us with anger for national policies that tear at the soul of our humanity.

Bless us with discomfort for the normalizing of lies and unfathomable cruelty done in our name and on our behalf for far to many years.

Bless us with impatience for our blatant disregard of our promise to welcome the poor, tired, huddled masses who are yearning for the freedom that we often take for granted.

Bless us with the pain of our neighbors, that we might never forget who and whose we are.

And finally, gracious ever loving God

Bless us with hope,

that the human family to which we all belong might be welcome where ever peace and justice prevail.

We pray in the name of the one, holy, and living God. Amen

*Parts of the format are partially borrowed from a 2012 prayer by the late poet Wanda Coleman and the 2008 prayer offered by The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson at the inauguration of Barak Obama:



This Sunday, February 24, 2019

8:15am Early Holy Eucharist

9:30am Godly Conversations!  (Adults)

10:30am Holy Eucharist with with Joyful Noise!

12:30pm Our first Rector’s Forum 
Join us from 12:30 to 1:30 to talk about whatever is on your heart. This is an opportunity to talk and listen and connect with your community around the issues that concern us all. All voices are wanted and needed. Every heart is cherished.


Save the date!

Tuesday, March 5th  from 6pm to 8pm
Shrove Tuesday Bash!
 Join us for this annual party! We are inviting some of our sister congregations to join us at St. Paul’s for music by Tucker and the Fat Tuesday Tones and a feast of fabulous food shepherded by our doyen of hospitality, Betty Murray! Don’t miss this last hoorah before Lent! Everyone and your neighbors are invited! Stay tuned for more details.

Wednesday, March 6th
Ash Wednesday
Join us on one of the holiest days of the year to for confession and prayer and forgiveness. We will offer two services of contrition and absolution and Holy Eucharist.
7:30am at St. Paul’s
7:00pm at a sister parish (to be named)
Join us for this unique service of holy cleansing. 

Friday, March 15th
Community Movie Night

A comedy special starring the Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby. Don’t miss this startlingly unique, intelligent, self-reflective, brilliant commentary on some of the most egregiously interlocking systems of oppression in our society. It is a new sort of enlightening entertainment. Rated R. Join us!


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