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Thanks Salvation Army Volunteers!

Thanks to the intrepid band of St. Paul’s parishioners who shopped, cooked, cleaned and served dinner to about 75 people on March 13 at the Framingham Salvation Army location. Those in attendance were Jack, Craig and Eliza Blay, Kate Pittman, Paul Cronin, Jon Swalboski and Ellie Pandorf.

June 3 – Habitat for Humanity

Our application for a build day has been approved for Saturday, June 3. In addition to a $750 donation, the group size must be 8-10 people.  The minimum age at the construction site is 16, and those between 16 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone.  More details will follow, but for now mark your calendars and join us on this fulfilling mission day.

If you are interested in lending a hand, you can sign up in the Parish Hall, email Jon Swalboski at jonswalboski@gmail.com, or speak to Gretchen or Carolyn.


Due to a number of factors, including the ride being on Easter night, and the start of school vacation, we will not be sponsoring the midnight ride this year.  We do plan to participate next year when Easter is not in conflict with this event.

April First-Plate Recipient:

Episcopal Church Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society “Good Friday Offering”

On Good Friday, offerings are invited from across The Episcopal Church to support the four dioceses of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Funds are used to promote peace and mutual understanding through pastoral care, health care and educational programs throughout the region.

“Christian Education” in many churches in the United States often refers to a variety of programs for youth and adults as part of Sunday morning. Throughout the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East “Christian Education” takes on a di­fferent meaning. “Christian Education” is the term used to describe the schools and educational programs which are owned and operated by the Christian churches. The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem is a leader in providing educational opportunities, especially for the most vulnerable children. The diocese operates residential programs for developmentally disabled children and adults near Beirut; residential education for at-risk boys in Amman; schools for blind and deaf children in Jordan; highly respected K-12 programs for girls and boys in Amman, Jordan and in Haifa and Nazareth in Israel; vocational training in electronics and hospitality in Ramallah in the Occupied Territories, among other programs. “Christian Education” through these programs are open to all. Most of the students are Muslim and it is common to have waiting lists of Muslim families who are looking for the rigorous and compassionate quality education provided through the schools sponsored by the Diocese.

An essential component of the schools and programs of the diocese is that there is no e­ffort to change anyone’s beliefs, but there is ample opportunity to share religious traditions. Your support of the Good Friday Offering helps make scholarships available and supports these schools which are educating the next generation of leaders.

Please make checks payable to:  The Foreign and Domestic Missionary Society.

 There are many ways to get Involved!

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Centre Street Food Pantry

Plenty Project

Creation Care


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