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Creation Care News!

As people of faith around the globe dedicate ourselves to renewed efforts caring for God’s creation,
we’d like to focus attention over the next several weeks on a POSP favorite topic: food, and how the
choices we make about the food we eat affect our well-being and that of all Creation.

We’ll be submitting brief, informative articles written or chosen by POSP parishioners on some of the

following topics:

* Preserving our health via our food choices
* The impacts of grain-fed animal-based agriculture on our environment
* Humane and healthy treatment of food animals
* Why eating locally grown food makes sense in so many ways
* Food waste: its costs and ways we can reduce them

As we know, Creation Care involves many intricately interwoven issues and efforts.   Each of us will
make our own choices about what we will emphasize as none of us can do it all.  We hope these
articles will help us to make as many creation-healthy food choices as we reasonably can.

If you would like to suggest – or offer to provide – another topic, please contact Maeve Ward or
Mary Lou Pierron, as we will be coordinating this effort for the Creation Care Committee.

And, to help us enjoy our Creation Care efforts especially during this holiday season, we’ll be providing
“environmentally friendly recipes and, as a special treat, we’re inviting everyone to participate in a
vegan/vegetarian/locally-grown food potluck on January 17th, during the usual coffee hour time.

Have fun preparing something new and tune up your tastebuds!

Mary Lou and Maeve

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