The music program is a very exciting and integral part of the community life at the Parish of St. Paul. The program is currently centered around two choirs.

The Youth Choir is a group of boys and girls ranging from 8-13 years old, learning to sing music from a wide variety of musical styles, and performing in our monthly Youth Services.

The Adult Choir is made of an eclectic group of volunteer singers united by a passion for music. Rehearsals are energetic and fun, and explore the depths of musical expression through a range of choral repertoire which spans from the motets of William Byrd to the sounds of Bob Dylan and covering everything in between and beyond!

The Parish of St Paul has established a great reputation for incorporating many different popular themes into the services throughout the year. We have presented liturgies in which the Parish performed Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell. We present Bach Cantatas, an annual Messiah Sing, Jazz Services, and more. Many themed Sundays throughout the year feature the music of different eras, bands and composers – from Schubert to the Beatles.

Weekly worship music at St. Paul’s comes from the classic 1982 Hymnal as well as the more contemporary Wonder Love and Praise and Lift Every Voice and Sing books.

Our music community is active and alive and growing! Your voice will help shape the community of Parish of St Paul in a very strong and personal way. Whether your involvement is on a choral level, solo level, or any other type of musical expression, it will be welcomed.