A number of Mission and Outreach activities have continued in 2017 as in previous years:

  • Knitting Ministry
  • Centre Street Food Pantry
  • Plenty Recycling
  • B-Safe Summer Program
  • Epiphany School Backpacks
  • Global Village Children’s Project
  • Common Cathedral Homeless Outreach
  • DFS Children’s Gifts
  • Walk for Hunger

Habitat for Humanity

On June 3, a hearty group of volunteers from St. Paul’s laced up their boots, put on their gloves, rolled up their sleeves and put several hours of “sweat equity” into a Habitat for Humanity on Bradeen Street in Roslindale. The home was nearing completion, so a lot of final tasks were on the agenda, including landscaping the yard, building planters, cleaning windows, and doing final interior paint touchups. The several volunteer coordinators on site made the experience fun, and at the end of the day leaving with a real sense of accomplishment. Thanks to Caryn and Drayton Coyle, Jack Blay, Galen and Nolan Boyer, Mary Lou Pierron, Betsy Blagdon, and a very pregnant Katherine Ballas for their hard work.

Below is a letter of appreciation I received from the volunteer coordinator at HFH:

Salvation Army Miracle Kitchen

The Parish of St Paul has been responsible on designated days for supplying dinner and serving it to the wonderful folks at the Salvation Army in Framingham via Miracle Kitchen.  The team regularly gathered around 4:30 pm at the Salvation Army and worked on prepping the meal of salad, chicken with mayonnaise and parmesan, rice, vegetable and chocolate cake. Craig always received complements for his rice!  Thanks to all who helped.

The Miracle Kitchen closed this December, and will be merged into a larger social service agency in Framingham. They will still need volunteers but the food purchase and preparation will be done by the agency. Volunteers will serve food to a much larger group of guests, including senior and children. Also, the new volunteer guidelines will allow for participation by younger people like those in the confirmation class.

Thanks to those who participated this year: Craig, Eliza, Abigail and Jack Blay, Phil Whitbeck, Ellie Pandorf, Mandi Rice, Kate Pittman, Tricia Tyler, Paul Cronin-Swalboski and Jon Swalboski.

 There are many ways to get Involved!

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Centre Street Food Pantry

Plenty Project

Creation Care


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