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Exciting News for 2016 Mission and Outreach

2016 promises to be an exciting year for Mission and Outreach at the Parish of St. Paul’s. While the many wonderful outreach activities will continue, there are many changes planned.

Mission Trip – For the first time in several years, a mission trip is being planned for the Summer of 2016. We will be partnering with Christ Church, Needham, which has a well-established mission outreach to St. Luc’s parish in Lazil, Haiti. More details will follow, but the mission trip will be about a week long, and the Parish Of St. Paul plans to send 4-5 individuals to accompany the contingent from Christ Church. The people running the mission program at Christ Church are thrilled to have us a partner. This partnership seems like a match made in heaven, as our parish has ties to Haiti, we have a strong music interest and the focus of the mission trip is to help the music program at the school at St. Luc’s. There will be many opportunities for our entire community to get involved in the mission trip from actually going on the trip, to supporting fundraising efforts, securing donations of musical instruments, and donating money for hiring a music teacher at the school. Here is a link to Christ Church’s website that features a slide show from their most recent trip:


Quarterly Mission Days – We are planning to have one-day local mission trips that will allow people of all ages to participate in showing the love of Christ by caring for others outside our building. These Mission Days may consist of helping at a homeless shelter, packing boxes at a food pantry, or distributing clothing and food to those who need it. We’re considering serving meals at Rosie’s Place, and participating in Common Cathedral.

First Sunday Plate –While it has been a tradition at the POSP to take the cash from the plate the first Sunday of the month and give it to an outreach recipient, this year beginning in February, this will be done in a more intentional way. Recipient causes or organizations will have an opportunity to address the parish during the Voices From the Pews moment during the service to talk about their cause and why we should support it. If you know of an organization that may benefit from our monthly weekly plate, please let Jon Swalboski know.  First plate recipients for the first few months are:

February – Boston Warm

March – Diocese of Jerusalem

April – Open

May – Centre Street Food Pantry and Walk for Hunger

Highlighting Continuing Activities – There are many outreach activities that have been going on for some time, but many at the POSP, especially newcomers, are not really aware of what they are or how to get involved. Some of these are the Knitting Ministry, Salvation Army dinners, Plenty Recycling, Centre Street Food Pantry, and B-safe program. We plan to further develop our relationship with the Global Village Children’s Fund in Waynage, Uganda by sponsoring a child to attend school for one year.   A fun and exciting fundraiser is being planned for this outreach project. Stay tuned.

The website will be updated with information about each of those activities, and contact information if you want to get involved.

Through my Boston Marathon fundraising efforts, this parish was able to raise $10,000 for solar panels for the Global Village Children’s Fund in Wayange, Uganda. The generosity of this community has been moving to me personally, and it reveals a real need and hunger for members of our community to get involved in Mission and Outreach. I hope to provide many different opportunities for anyone and everyone to get involved.

If you are interested in joining the Outreach Projects Committee, which meets once a quarter, or if you are interested in participating one particular project, please contact our Chairperson, Jon Swalboski.


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