Pastoral Care

WKT033WOne of the strengths of the St. Paul’s community is our giving sustenance to each other on a regular basis and in times of stress and particular need. In addition to the many informal ways we do this, the Pastoral Care Team provides a formal way of reaching out to others in need in the parish.

The team supplements the pastoral ministry of the rector by calling on people who are in local hospitals or nursing homes or who are homebound for a period of time, and providing communion for them when that is appropriate; providing a card ministry to recognize milestones in parishioners’ lives and to send the prayers of the parish in times of sickness; setting up a crisis ministry team to meet immediate needs, such as providing meals or rides when an unexpected illness or accident occurs; providing rides to church on Sundays for those who could not make it otherwise; making phone calls to check in on those who may be in need of support; grocery shopping on a weekly basis; providing a monthly healing by the laying on of hands at the time of communion on Sunday; and by providing a ministry to those in prison.

The team also meets twice a year to discuss its mission and to support each other. Two of these ministries, giving communion to others and the healing laying on of hands, require special training, but the others have no formal training requirements. Participation in most of the ministries means that you have to be able to drive somewhere, but the card and phone call ministry can be done by those who are unable to get out on a regular basis. Some of these ask for a fairly long term commitment, but others would need you to provide a meal or an occasional ride.

We need volunteers who would be willing to join us. If you have an interest in doing so, please contact Phil Whitbeck at, or leave a message in the office by phone or email.