Giving Sanctuary

Giving Sanctuary

The Newton Sanctuary and Solidarity Collaborative

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The Newton Sanctuary and Solidarity Collaborative (NSSC) is a group of nine congregations and community groups who have pledged to work in solidarity with people who live without documentation and/or have a vulnerable immigration status. Our commitment includes efforts that work for just and fair immigration laws, and the offer of sanctuary to a family who lives under the immediate threat of deportation.

Why Sanctuary?

In the midst of a political climate that is increasingly hostile to immigrants, the current administration has targeted for deportation thousands of people who have lived in the USA for decades; holding jobs, owning businesses, paying taxes, raising families, and contributing to the depth and breadth and diversity of our community in myriad wonderful ways.

The people who choose to go into sanctuary are individuals and families who need a sacred space in which to stay while their lawyers continue their legal fight. In our collaborative, they are people who not only have legal representation, but also a legal way through the immigration system, if they can stay here long enough for that process to play out. Because federal immigration agents have not, as a matter of practice, entered churches to forcibly remove people, sanctuary provides the safest haven possible for people at immediate risk of removal, and allows their legal case to proceed.

The goal of entering sanctuary is always to leave sanctuary. The length of time a family will be in sanctuary can range from a few weeks or months to over a year, depending upon the complexity of the case. All efforts are directed to winning a stay of deportation so that the family can remain together, and in this land that has been their home.

When we accept a family in sanctuary, we pledge to support all of their needs. Because they cannot leave sanctuary, they cannot even step out of the church, we must provide food, personal care, medical care and every essential requirement.

How you can help!

The communities comprising the NSSC have pledged to raise $30,000 to cover the cost of supporting one family in sanctuary in the coming year. In addition to the costs for the family, our collaborative also needs to help defray the increased operating costs for the host church, and also to contribute to the cost of the legal defense.

You can give online by pushing the PayPal button below, or you can send a check made out to the Parish of St. Paul with NSSC written in the memo line. The address is: 1135 Walnut Street Newton Highlands, MA 02461. Your gift is tax deductible.

Every gift makes a difference!

We cannot do this without the support of every one of us!

Thank you!