About Us

One of the most striking aspects of St. Paul’s is our sense of close community. St. Paul’s is a place where we have a sense of belonging and acceptance, a place where we can be who we really are and always be included.

Our community is grounded in the Newton area, and draws parishioners from many surrounding communities. Some of us have been coming to Episcopal churches our whole lives, others of us are still surprised to find ourselves in church on a Sunday morning. We may come to St. Paul’s by ourselves, with our children, with our partners, or with our neighbors. And we are intergenerational: at last count, our community included parishioners ages 9 months to 90+ years.

Many friendships grow within St. Paul’s at church activities, as we work and worship side by side. Sundays are the center of our communal life, and our knitting ministry, sanctuary ministry, altar guild, service at Pearl Street Cafe, and other community efforts all extend our chances gather with new and old friends in the name of St. Paul’s.

We enjoy our social occasions, too! Our annual festivities include our Blessing of the Animals, a Shrove Tuesday bash with jazz music, and Easter and Christmas feasts. Movie nights and discussions are held at the Parish Hall throughout the year and are typically well attended. Coffee hours, after the 9:30 am service, are often used to celebrate anniversaries, baptisms, and birthdays.

In recent years we have joined with friends in the Newton Sanctuary and Solidarity Collaborative for observances of Sukkot and Passover. Our sense of welcome doesn’t just mean allowing others to come in and do what we already do — but inviting new folks in to shape and change our life together. We can’t wait to know what you will bring. From wherever you come, with whatever you bring, you are welcome here